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I found this one in a pretty reputable tattoo magazine. It was on the front page of a four page promotional spread for a shop in Seattle. Their other tattoos were good, but that linework is just…no. Why would you ever try to promote your shop with something like that?

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If anyone’s curious, the shop is the Wallingford branch of Slave to the Needle and the artist is Chris Thompson. Their other work is excellent; it’s just this piece that’s a clusterfuck.

#mcm #hesawaspider Congrats to my awesome friend @doug_bcobm and his band @badcaseofbigmouth on their new album, being released this weekend on Eulogy recordings!! #ipickedthisfilterforareason

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Financial stability.

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“i feel u” i say as i begin feeling you. you are soft, like a bunny

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An icon never dies

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